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2018 Suzuki RM-Z450


After taking the Showa BFRC shock apart and reviewing the design first hand the MXT crew had a chance to ride the bike at our local track this past Sunday. 


I was very curious how the shock would respond on the track. So our initial thoughts were, the shock has a very fluid and plush feeling – while comfortable likely does not offer sufficient control for very aggressive riding. We will need to spend more time making adjustments before we can say for sure. The shock was certainly never harsh so I think concerns over the twin wall design having enough flow rate can be put aside.

As I've tried to describe the shock to friends and non-tech types perhaps the best way to describe it is a shock that features the adjusters right on the main piston. So instead of the piston moving through the oil, we push the oil through the valving mechanisms. It's a clean, intuitive and "simple" design.

Some immediate thoughts and bullet points:

  • The actually working volume is quite low. 
  • The "pressure piston" or "pump" is 42mm. (About the size (2mm larger) than a typical 85cc bike.
  • Almost all big bikes now feature 50mm Pistons.

The BFRC can't use anything that big because with a twin wall the OD of the body tube would need to be huge.

The adjusters feature only turns and no clicks. Given that they adjust such a significant volume of oil (pressure) the quarter turn to half turn suggested increments are noticeable.

The preload is a plastic and pinch-lock ring style.

We will be working with the bike extensively in the coming weeks. Keep checking back for more!


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