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MXT Tenere ADV

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Now available! Introducing the MX-Tech complete suspension package for the Tenere.

We have specifically designed a complete suspension package for the Yamaha T7 adventure bike. Adam Cerny, our in house suspension technician took the lead on this demanding project that required the whole team to ensure we got all the details right. Adam not only owns multiple adventure bikes, he also rides and races off road dirt bikes that range from anything off road to motocross. We also brought in some test riders, namely Damon Bradshaw who has an extensive background in off road racing. Another off-road enthusiast, Andy Janik/ Heavy Enduro has also been very involved.

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We have taken our race proven 49mm Blackjack complete fork and used it as the platform for the T7. The complete forks are lightweight, low friction and are capable of any demand required - while offering the comfort, tunability and performance desired.

The National shock is available as part of the package as a similar lightweight performance package. This shock includes a hydraulic adjuster.

Some key features include:

  • Rally spec or OEM height available
  • X-TRIG custom triple clamps
  • Adjustable bar mount riders
  • Custom billet lugs
  • Made in the USA

FOR MORE INFORMATION: adam.c@mx-tech.com OR CALL US AT: 877-850-5114