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Introducing… MX-TECH TAC-R system! Engineered for success.

This is the first true innovation of the off-road air fork that helps manage the hyper-progressive nature of all production air forks. The MXT TAC-R system has been in development for an extensive period of time. The stock Showa TAC system required MXT to log countless hours in all riding applications as a way to truly deliver works level performance.

All air fork systems currently work by using single volume pressure regions. Air pressure changes depend upon the position of the stroke to change volume. This is similar to a hyper progressive spring rate, where the air spring is the largest contributor to net force, and the most changed as a function of position.

MXT saw a need to create a more linear force instead of the stock progressive characteristic. We created this by incorporating an additional compression region. The new high pressure region is positioned above the main pressure region and is separated by a piston. As the main pressure region increases, it reaches a point at which the separation piston starts to compress. This effectively slows the rate at which the volume change accelerates. MXT engineered this to occur in the middle of the stroke which limits the progressive nature of the air fork. Finally, near the end of the stroke, the compensation effect of the high pressure region stops. At this point the pressure dramatically rises to the benefit of maintaining the original air spring effect which allows for excellent bottoming control.

Installation: Follow the OEM service guide for removing OEM components. Install the TAC-R system following similar OEM methods. IMPORTANT: Remove or reduce standard oil fill volume by 18cc of fluid. Start by charging the TAC-R system high pressure to 300 PSI, then charge all other regions to the baseline pressure.

High Pressure Region: (Red Cap) The pressure being used to compensate for volume change in the fork. Start by charging the TAC-R system high pressure to 300 PSI.

Mid Pressure: (Silver Cap) traditionally the “high pressure” region. When installing the system you will need to remove 18cc from the oil volume to compensate for our systems volume. Set the mid pressure to the standard baseline pressure.

Low Pressure: (Blue Cap) Space between the fork tubes and the cartridge. On some models it’s used while on others it does not get utilized. Set the low pressure to the standard baseline.

To watch the installation video go to: MXT TAC-R system Installation Video

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WARNING: The MXT TAC-R system requires the use of the SKF Glide Kit. The SKF Glide Kit reduces stiction and improves the sealing of the MXT TAC-R system. These are key functional points that will not be optimum without the SKF Glide Kit. 

WARNING: The Showa TAC, and MXT TAC-R system uses high pressure air to manage the spring rate of the fork. Exercise extreme caution when working on air forks. Never disassemble the TAC-R system. Contact MXT for service.