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MXT 2017 New Products


As the riding season rapidly approaches, most riders are looking to get their suspension serviced. Everyone is looking to go faster while feeling more comfortable on the bike. MXT is already shipping our expert engineered and rider tested products. Here is a quick run down on how you can get the best performance in suspension for the upcoming season. 

First of all MXT has many options for riding performance. One major question that needs to be answered is whether or not you want spring or air forks? MXT was also the first in the industry to offer spring conversions, in fact they continue to be highly successful while also receiving great reviews! We also offer the most trusted air forks on the market. Either way you decide, you can be assured that we back our products and think you'll be as excited as we are.

So what is new?

The MXT PSF2 System dual spring conversion, it includes an optimized Huck Valve and new compression and rebound adjusters. Plus, it is ready to install. This is an excellent option if you want to get to the track and ride a trusted spring fork.

For KTM & Husky riders, the MXT LUCKY 4CS System offers the best evolution in design while being over a pound lighter than a stock 4CS fork. The drop in system has an increased cartridge volume, a redesigned Huck Valve, new adjuster and reduced friction machining. MXT has been changing 4CS forks to benefit riders since the beginning, and with the LUCKY System we continue that support.

Trail riding KTM & Husky riders, we just finished off a season supporting many off road riders, including the MCS Suzuki team and rider Ricky Russell#212. If your bike has stock Xplor forks, chances are you'll find the limitations of pushing stock suspension. The MXT XPLR System takes a direct approach to the needs of off road riding. Our unique drop in cartridge system has been designed to easily, and it is 1.5 pounds lighter than a stock 4CS fork. Lighter weight means less fatigue and better handling. This system includes a Huck Valve at no extra charge and a leaf spring mid-valve. We are confident this is one upgrade worth getting.

A48-R Product Release

The good news is that we are now shipping the thoroughly tested MXT A48-R! CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE. Below is a recent article on the A48-R by Motocross Action magazine. (Read it in print in the September issue of MXA) #mxtengineeredforsuccess

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MXT Builds the TANK

Problem:In 2016, the manufacturer altered the reservoir to a simpler design in order to reduce costs. The parts use a production grade plastic-free piston with a non-finished inner diameter. This positioning of the parts is within a very narrow tolerance, and if not treated correctly, the shock will eventually fail during operation. This limited margin of error causes tuners to [...]

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2015 KTM 450SXFE

We have had a month or so on the new 2015 450SXFE. We have gotten a lot of questions about spring rates and settings and of course general impressions.Here are the bullet points. Awesome light feeling / neutral handling.New Shock is really interesting. 12mm Shims.New MX-TECH low friction piston ring required.New Shock piston design, simliar to [...]

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