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MXT Builds the TANK

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In 2016, the manufacturer altered the reservoir to a simpler design in order to reduce costs. The parts use a production grade plastic-free piston with a non-finished inner diameter. This positioning of the parts is within a very narrow tolerance, and if not treated correctly, the shock will eventually fail during operation. This limited margin of error causes tuners to struggle in effectively managing the pressure rise characteristic for different conditions.


MX-Tech (MXT) saw a need to improve upon the stock design. MXT set out to improve the physics, construction and materials to achieve true works results. The Tank reservoir is engineered to effectively increase performance! With more tuning options, including the precise placement of the reservoir piston, the Tank is much easier to service with a higher standard of quality. The Tank System features a 2mm larger piston, reducing both temperature change in the shock and the impact on rod charge, effectively accomplishing the mission.

Here is a check list of key points that make the Tank right for you:

• Slower piston and overall movement optimizes O-ring gland design. The incorporation of a piston ring results in greater compliance, traction, and comfort for the rider.

• A standard positioning nipple is featured, allowing for precise measurement and placement of the shock. Tuners now have the option to control volume change on the gas side with consistent, repeatable builds.

• Removal of the end cap is via circlip design, allowing for the cylinder to remain in place during routine piston servicing.

• High quality stainless needle type fitting is easily configured within the system, creating a compact, and 100% reliable design.

• Fits 2015.5 and newer KTMs and Huskys using WP shocks



MXT is having great success and feedback from customers who have deployed the Tank at the track. Our goal is to offer the best "works" products – always pushing the limits of technology. This is why we have decided the Tank deserves the ultimate in performance coatings! You can now upgrade the Tank to a Kashima coat finish.

Kashima coating improves the surface characteristics of moving parts. In particular, rubber to metal contact “stiction” is greatly reduced. This advantage comes at a price, but then again so does the ultimate works performance.

Below is our most recent ad in Motocross Action magazine - Check it out in the April or March print issue!

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