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MXT Lucky Carbon

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Performance for the most demanding racing applications. Co-developed with professional-level riders in SX, AX, MX and GNCC racing.


The MXT Carbon is dual cartridge, dual spring, front fork suspension designed for professional racing where extreme loads are transferred to the chassis. The MXT Carbon builds upon the original Lucky cartridge design, refined for riders who require more support throughout the range of the stroke with the forks. The MXT Carbon is designed to effectively modulate a higher oil volume. In total, these forks deliver excellent feel, positive steering response, and increased traction. 

MXT continues to follow a rigorous R&D process to further optimize parts for performance and weight savings – in many cases the updated parts can be retrofitted during a suspension service from MXT or a professional suspension tuner, however this doesn’t apply to the original Lucky as a majority of the parts are not common.


The MXT Carbon is the lightest product upgrade in its class – even lighter than many air fork designs! As always, MXT maintains a sound design that delivers attributes you won’t find anywhere else:

  • Improved loss management and adjuster resolution (Sealed cartridge, continuous self-balancing system).

  • Speed sensitivity is optimized by the largest swept volume in production forks.

  • Improved Huck Valve volume and performance for high and low speed sensitive bottoming control.

  • Lightweight, actually lightest product available in both the stock and aftermarket categories.

  • The lowest frictional coefficients. This increases traction and feel by minimizing sliding surfaces.

  • Valving systems. The MXT fork cartridges feature advanced valving features and design. All systems feature durable, compound leaf spring mid valves with low inertia. The broad performance profile works well in a wide range of conditions. The base valves include sub valves, which reduce fluid drag and allow for responsive performance.

FITS: All 49mm forks.