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MXT PSF2 Spring Conversion



The new MXT PSF2 Spring Conversion (MXT PSF2) is the result of innovative engineering and a legacy of expertise in custom suspension.

MXT PSF2 features:

     • Dual fork springs

     • A redesigned Huck Valve

     • New compression and rebound adjusters

     • Quality machining to reduce friction

     • DIY: This MXT PSF2 is designed to be drop in ready

Riders struggle to adjust stock PSF2 forks with traditional tuning, because the air system creates an inconsistent feel. As an example, a rider can become sensitive to the forks slightest internal pressure changes that occur during normal operation.

MXT engineered new internal components to improve rider experience and performance. The MXT PSF2 comes with new drop in dual cartridges, and dual coil springs. This unique solution provides maximum performance and consistent operation. Other features include ease of adjustment combined with the superior feel of the proven Huck Valve. The cartridges come standard with very broad and efficient leaf spring mid-valves, and sub-valve equipped compression adjusters. Finally, attention was given to better machining all around to reduce friction and to maximize weight savings over traditional spring forks. 

Traditional stock bottoming control system is limited in that it can't manage multiple speeds or accelerations inside its travel. Stock systems can be adjusted to provide good control for either low or high-speed bottoming, but doing so limits the ability to absorb the other. The MXT Huck Valve manages the limitations of typical bottoming control systems. The Huck Valve has speed sensitive bottoming control, by incorporating a pressure sensitive valving mechanism. This allows for both high entry speeds and low entry speeds effectively. MXT Huck Valve equipped forks allows the set-up to be plusher while not sacrificing the overall control of the fork.

With research and development complete, the MXT PSF2 can offer a true “works” solution with the least amount of weight while taking advantage of the trusted fork spring operation.

Last note, we will be posting videos soon that demonstrate how easy of an install this system is. As long as you are mechanically inclined and have tools, you can choose to do the upgrade, or we will be happy to do it as well.


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