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Shock Huck Valve

The MXT Shock Huck valve was created to augment the current model KTM linkage ratios. In general, the KTM shock (11-15 link) with its construction and basic motion ratio profile has a difficult time managing resistance to large movement when the shock is deep in its stroke. The Huck Valve was designed to increase the control and damping rates deeper in the stroke by utilizing an additional speed sensitive valve that only impacts the last 20% of the wheel travel.  This allows for a less compromising ride quality, over the first 80% while having all the advantages of a more linear profile, but still giving the shock amazing control deeper in the stroke. This benefit shows itself most in circumstances where the shock would bottom and deflect sideways. Riders will notice more stability and control in rolling whoops, g-loads, and jump faces with kickers.  This will benefit all types of riding including Motocross, GNCC, and Enduro. Be sure to check out a short video describing its function here.



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