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CLP Needle System

KTM CLP Needle System

Problem: Ever notice how “stink bug” the KTM85SX is as it goes around the track? Is your Rider complaining of swapping and lack predictability in bumps? The stock action has an on and off inconsistent feel. 

Solution: MXT has developed an updated Shock needle system for the KTM PDS equipped bikes.The MXT CLP kit does an amazing job of providing a smooth linkage-like action on the troublesome KTM PDS shock.  The rider will notice much greater predictability, control, and comfort.  These improvements are achieved using a unique dual piston arrangement with a long skinny needle. The stock feel is replaced with a smooth-rising feel. Check out the five star review in Motocross Action Magazine! 

The picture below shows the new parts that are included with the 85 kit. (A new MXT piston ring and Viton O-ring’s are also included.) Different models use different parts and hardware.

  • 18mm Chromed coated Shock Rod
  • Rebound Adjustment Needle
  • Valve Holder
  • Piston II
  • Sandwich Bushing
  • Shock Shaft Nut
  • PDS Needle
  • Needle Holder

Take a look at the charts we have created to help you understand CLP!





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