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WP AER48mm Forks (Including aftermarket replacement.)

All KTM with AER48

All Husky with AER48


The innovative MXT A48R system is the first true off-road air fork that helps manage the hyper-progressive nature of all production air forks. The MXT A48R has been in development for an extensive period of time.



Currently, air fork systems work by using single-volume pressure regions. Air pressure changes depend upon the position of the stroke to change volume. This is similar to a hyper-progressive spring rate, where the air spring is the largest contributor to net force, and the most changed as a function of position.

MXT saw a need to create a more linear force instead of the stock hyper-progressive characteristic, and achieved this by incorporating an additional compression region. The new high pressure region is positioned above the main pressure region, and is separated by a piston. As the main pressure region increases in pressure, it reaches a point at which the separation piston starts to compress. This effectively slows the rate at which the volume change accelerates. MXT engineered this to occur in the middle of the stroke, which limits the progressive nature of the air fork. Finally, near the end of the stroke, the compensation effect of the high pressure region stops. At this point, the pressure dramatically rises, maintaining the original air spring effect which allows for excellent bottoming control.

UPDATE: Kit now comes with a tunable balance chamber feature. This addition allows the effect of the balance chamber to be tuned so riders can increase or decrease the duration of the balance chamber.

Leaf Spring Mid-valve Kit.

To compliment our tuning work on the AER fork, we have developed a highly tunable mid-valve to replace the sharp feeling rigidly clamped stock mid-valve. The MXT Leaf Spring kit breaks the deflection into three tunable regions which can easy adjust lift, spring rate, spring preload, main stack stiffness and sub-stack stiffness.  The mid-valve can now be configured for low lift heights, and if desired, very soft shim settings. The deflection is so subdivided, the shims will not fatigue as quickly as typical. Additionally, the system comes with a rebound separator check valve that isolates the rebound bypass from the compression stroke.


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