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MXT CR250 Project Bike


Check out the March issue of Motocross Action magazine. Click the: MXA - We Ride link to read the article. The MXT CR250 project bike is an awesome example of how top brands in the industry come together to make something great. Don't forget to subscribe to MXA, and be sure to support the companies who helped to make this project bike a reality. SPONSORS:

Arc LeversCrankworksFMFHeavy Duty RacingMagiksc GraphicsMotostuffRekluseService HondaXtrig.

Just look at that bike shine, but don't worry, it isn't just for looks.

How did it happen? MXT bought this Honda 250 4-stroke to aid in the development of the MXT TAC-R air suspension system. After we made the best works air suspension system around, it was time to sell the bike... But then we remembered how much fun we had working with AJ from Service Honda on the Service CR500 project. It didn't take long to see how this could be converted to a 250 2-stroke fire breather!

KXF450 First Ride

With a lot of attention toward KTM these days, it's exciting to see the other major brands developing new technology. In this case, it is a new GREEN 450. Showcasing a new fork with a bigger cartridge and updated internal designs, the 2017 Kawasaki KXF450 will receive plenty of research and design attention from MX-TECH.Due [...]

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A48-R Product Release

The good news is that we are now shipping the thoroughly tested MXT A48-R! CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE. Below is a recent article on the A48-R by Motocross Action magazine. (Read it in print in the September issue of MXA) #mxtengineeredforsuccess

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Introducing… MX-TECH TAC-R system! Engineered for success.This is the first true innovation of the off-road air fork that helps manage the hyper-progressive nature of all production air forks. The MXT TAC-R system has been in development for an extensive period of time. The stock Showa TAC system required MXT to log countless hours in all riding applications [...]

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MXT Builds the TANK

Problem:In 2016, the manufacturer altered the reservoir to a simpler design in order to reduce costs. The parts use a production grade plastic-free piston with a non-finished inner diameter. This positioning of the parts is within a very narrow tolerance, and if not treated correctly, the shock will eventually fail during operation. This limited margin of error causes tuners to [...]

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WP AER Update: Are you part of the 4% club?

UPDATE: MXT was the first to call it like it is - that is to say that WP has a problem with their air forks. But before we move forward, their are some things you should know: - We love KTM dirt bikes! - MXT has consistently purchased KTMs. - KTM has led the push in technology [...]

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Rebound Adjustment on the Shock Reservoir

I wanted to take a quick moment to talk about the three-way adjuster which has the (H/L) compression and rebound adjustment placed on the shock reservoir. I have been getting a lot of questions about how it works, and how it’s possible. There have also been questions about how it functions without causing cavitation, or shock body side refill [...]

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MX-Tech 500AF Project

UPDATE: As usual we always anticipate the arrival of current issue of Motocross Action magazine! The February issue pretty much has us stalking the mailman.500 AF Developments:Many of our Facebook followers have noted the attention that our recent testing of the Service Honda CR500AF captured. It was a fun project and by the end several younger generation testers [...]

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Some Content Driven by Thumper Talk

Hey everyone, thought I would do something different. I don't have time to engage in the forums, but every now and then something  can get my attention. Here is a good one! Read the post first then, you can read my reply.  I did not post to TT, as I did not want to get [...]

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49mm Showa TAC and PSFII back to back comparison.MX-TECH recently purchased a new CRF250 for testing. We just had a chance to test the Showa 49mm. TAC on the Honda CRF250, and draw a comparison on the PSFII that comes on the CRF450 an Air fork shot-out on the same bike on the same day [...]

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